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      Hello! Welcome to the official website of Dongguan Huitong Electronics Co., Ltd.




      Huitong Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. It is a wholly-owned enterprise specializing in the production of AC, DC motor and cooling fan. The company is a manufacturer with many years of experience in producing electric motors and cooling fans. The company can systematically provide customers with high quality service in product design, development, injection molding, finished product assembly, after-sales and other aspects.

      Huitong Electronics has a group of high-quality management and technical personnel. Strictly implement ISO 9001 quality management system, equipped with perfect testing equipment, such as wind tunnel pressure gauge, constant temperature and humidity testing machine, ROHS testing instrument, salt spray testing instrument, Gauss meter, noise testing instrument, etc. According to the needs of customers, we can specially design and produce products to meet the needs of customers.
      The company's products are widely used: household appliances, ventilation equipment, medical equipment, communication equipment. Sports equipment and other industries. The product has passed a number of domestic and foreign safety certification.

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        What are the reasons for slowing down the speed of industrial DC fans?

        With the development of Internet information age, many industries have been applied to industrial DC fans, heat dissipation fans, cross-flow fans, AC fans, such as household appliances, industrial equipment, electronic equipment, medical aviation, etc. There are DC fans, heat dissipation fans, cross-flow fans, AC fans.

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        Veton Fire Safety Drill

        In order to promote fire safety knowledge and self-protection consciousness among all employees, to strengthen personal evacuation skills in fire emergencies, and to ensure staff and property safety, the company conducted a fire safety training and drill on November 19, 2016. The drill went in a compact pace and ended in great success. Through the fire safety drill, the employees have further mastered operation skills about common fire extinguishers and further promoted their skills in dealing with emergencies.

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        2017 Spring Exhibition of Electronic Products(Letter of Invitation)

        2017 Spring Exhibition of Electronic Products(Letter of Invitation) Duration: April 13-16, 2017

      • Do not touch the blade and power cord to wrap the fan or pull the power cord. This will damage the shaft and power cord.
      • The common technical indicators of heat dissipation fans are air volume, air pressure, fan speed and fan noise.
      • In recent years, the major radiator manufacturers in the bearing aspect of new technology, such as nano-ceramic bearings, Raffle bearings and so on, are also improved on these basic forms of bearings, the operation principle is still unchanged. Oil bearing and ball bearing are mainly used in common fan radiator.
      • Huitong Electronics explains in detail the differences between DC fans and AC fans.
      • When choosing and purchasing fans, we should know some necessary information.
      • How to measure the noise of cooling fan? What are the main factors contributing to the noise generated by cooling fans? How should we reduce the noise of cooling fans?

      Dongguan Huitong Electronics Co., Ltd.
      Address: 28, No. 13 Lane, Baoan Ruin, Shuikou Village, Dalang Town, Dongguan City
      Contact person: Mr. Fang
      Tel: 0769-87082381
      Fax: 4008266163 to 19818
      Mobile phone: 1379068359

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