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      Veton Fire Safety Drill

      2021-09-18 09:30 東莞市慧彤電子有限公司 PV 1153

        Veton Fire Safety Drill

           In order to promote fire safety knowledge and self-protection consciousness among all employees, to strengthen personal evacuation skills in fire emergencies, and to ensure staff and property safety, the company conducted a fire safety training and drill on November 19, 2016. The drill went in a compact pace and ended in great success. Through the fire safety drill, the employees have further mastered operation skills about common fire extinguishers and further promoted their skills in dealing with emergencies.

          The fire safety drill this time was thoroughly planed beforehand. For all sections including drilling planning, preliminary preparation, actual implementation and official drilling, there had been care, support and help from company leaders. Our company had also set up special fire-safety squad composed of eight teams-general commanding team, vice-commanding team, rescue team, evacuation team, fire-aid team, logistics team, warning team and communication teamencies.

          Answering to the requirement from Managing Committee of Safety and Environment Protection and based on actual fire-safety situation of our company, we’ve set the major task of this drill at implementing an emergency drill of a fire, so that every participant will master the skill of applying a fire-extinguisher, evacuation skills from a fire, and promote self safety consciousness.

          The fire safety drill had further strengthened the precaution consciousness and self-rescuing skills among employees, and they’ve learned and mastered the skill to recognize dangers, necessary precaution measurements, so that they would be prompt, ordered, and timely during a fire emergency. 

          We will carry out drills and rehearsals from time to time, so as to promote emergency rescuing skills and quick response among employees of our branch companies, to lower the odds for accidents and to ensure a safe, healthy and ordered development for the company.                                               


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