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      Knowledge about Fan motor Noise

      2021-09-18 09:31 東莞市慧彤電子有限公司 PV 896

      How to measure the noise of cooling fan? What are the main factors contributing to the noise generated by cooling fans? How should we reduce the noise of cooling fans?

      How to measure the noise of cooling fan?

      Noise is the amount of noise produced by a cooling fan in decibels (dB). When measuring the noise of the heat dissipation fan, it needs to be carried out in a muffler with noise less than 17 dB, one meter away from the fan, and aligned with the fan inlet along the direction of the rotating axis of the heat dissipation fan. The frequency spectrum characteristics of radiating fan noise are also very important, so it is necessary to record the frequency distribution of radiating fan noise with a spectrum analyzer. Generally, the noise of radiating fan should be small, and there should be no abnormal sound.

      What are the main factors contributing to noise generated by noise radiation fans?

      Noise of cooling fan is related to friction and air flow. The higher the speed and the larger the volume of the fan, the greater the noise will be. In addition, if the fan bearing lacks lubricant or has too much dust, it will also cause the noise of the fan. It needs timely maintenance and cleaning to avoid damaging the hardware equipment due to the obstruction of heat dissipation.

      How should we reduce the noise of cooling fans?

      To solve this problem, we can try to use larger cooling fans. Under the same air volume, the noise of large size fan at lower speed is smaller than that of small size fan at higher speed. Another factor we can easily overlook is the bearing of the cooling fan. Because of the friction and collision between the rotating shaft and the bearing when the cooling fan rotates at high speed, it is also a main source of the noise of the cooling fan.

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