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      Cautions for Fan motor Application

      2021-09-18 09:33 東莞市慧彤電子有限公司 PV 862

      Cautions for Fan motor Application

      Do not touch the blade and power cord to wrap the fan or pull the power cord. This will damage the shaft and power cord.

      2. Avoid dust, water droplets and insects, which may affect the life span and the production of bad products.

      3. Do not use in flammable gases or any harmful environment.

      4. Please use it within six months. Long-term storage will affect the fan performance due to the storage environment.

      5. When the fan is in operation, do not attempt to lock the fan for a very long time. This will cause the fan to burn down because of the continuous stop and high heat.

      6. When installing fans, please pay special attention to the noise caused by resonance or vibration.

      7. When the fan falls from the height of 60 cm in handling or operation, it will have some influence on the balance of the blade, especially the ball bearing to avoid falling.

      8. The torsion of the lock shell screw should not exceed 4Kgf. Do not block the fan with screwdriver, iron bar, etc. This will damage the fan.

      9. Do not touch the fan when the fan is running at high speed. If it is serious, it will hurt your finger.

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